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Tanya M. Howard, the Founder and CEO of Mouth Meets South, is a foodie, who is fiercely entrepreneurial and creative. She’s a former Associated Press reporter and corporate affairs and external relations professional for Fortune 500 companies. A New Jersey native now living in Southeastern Virginia, Howard is a graduate of Ohio State University with an undergraduate degree in News Editorial Journalism and a graduate degree in Management from Antioch University Midwest.

Mouth Meets South™ – Why It Matters
Step into your local grocer’s freezer aisle and you’ll see plenty of frozen pizza, chicken pot pies, and microwave dinner choices. There are American microwave meals. Asian frozen meals. Italian microwave meals. Greek microwave meals. Mexican frozen meals. East Indian frozen meals. Low-cal frozen meals. Gluten-free frozen meals. But there are no frozen meals that represent soul food and Southern food. You know, down-home cuisine.

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Mouth Meets South™ is a market leader in the food industry, providing best-in-class soul food and Southern-inspired products, service and relationships with consumers, clients, partners, and employees.


Mouth Meets South™ is the premier brand for soul food and Southern-inspired products, services and solutions by delivering in innovative and competitively-priced ways. This mission is realized by setting the highest standards of food quality, service and reliability in our industry in keeping with Mouth Meets South™’s core values.



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